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Making living space part
of a new lifestyle.


Elezio is an innovative system that allows a door to swing in order to modulate the space in a fluid and invisible way. This swivel system is built directly into the door, provides a quick and easy installation. Elezio adapts to all interiors, in nine as in renovation.
Elezio is the first system including an aluminum profile allowing the door a perfect alignment with the wall open and closed. The door seam is therefore identical open or closed. The door becomes invisible.
Chambre 3 home
Chambre ouverte
Chambre fermée

Invisible pivots and profile

pivot haut elezio
pivot bas elezio
The Elezio pivots come in two di erent sizes to t all door thicknesses. From 40mm up to 120mm thick, Elezio harmonizes your interior to your desires.
Elezio develops two
door thickness standard 40mm and 74mm
standard 40mm et 74mm.
made in france100% French
à fleur du murFlush to the wall
Without supervision
Toute hauteurAny height up to 3m
toute largeurWidth up to 1,5m
poids 200 kgWeight up to 200 kilos
léger à l'utilisationLight weight to use
facile a installerEasy to install